1215 Commits (master)

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  Meivyn 607ab516a4
Bump one last package 2 weeks ago
  Meivyn 3f376de313
Bump version 2 weeks ago
  Meivyn 8eee59db27
Also abort legacy save thread, null check config Store 2 weeks ago
  Meivyn 777adc0222
Merge pull request #104 from nicoco007/fix-exception-when-changed-called-in-zenject-dispose 2 weeks ago
  Nicolas Gnyra d8bed85c8f
Fix exception when `Changed` is called in Zenject-invoked `Dispose` 2 weeks ago
  Anairkoen Schno f6ebc69a59
Update packages and bump version 2 years ago
  Meivyn d7b952556b
Merge pull request #103 from nicoco007/fix-debug-hard-crash 2 weeks ago
  Nicolas Gnyra df3a0283b0
Fix hard crash when using debug builds 2 weeks ago
  nike4613 b9a65ab25d
Merge pull request #100 from Meivyn/patch-1 2 weeks ago
  Meivyn 7851d12b23
Revert "Bring back `HarmonyProtector` and make it more robust" 2 weeks ago
  nike4613 055778cc9d
Merge pull request #101 from Arimodu/Fix-64-config-limit 2 weeks ago
  Meivyn efdfee21dc
Fix Unity hard crash when serializing a nullable `decimal` 3 weeks ago
  Meivyn 5d30ef0a24
Catch potential exceptions 3 weeks ago
  Meivyn 5cd7b83077
Hopefully latest wave of serialization fixes 3 weeks ago
  Arimodu a9f56d3609 Add SyncObject notice 2 months ago
  Meivyn e8ee5d60d8
Fix Unity logging not being redirected when off-main thread 2 months ago
  Arimodu de70afe509 Revert MakeCreator.cs 2 months ago
  Arimodu f631f0826f Avoid breaking change by marking obsolete instead 2 months ago
  Meivyn 4e9cc1e683
Do not mark disabled mods as ignored 2 months ago
  Meivyn 3ccb5df346
Fix Beat Saber version parsing 2 months ago
  Meivyn 6a4d9ec922
Bring back `HarmonyProtector` and make it more robust 2 months ago
  Arimodu 52e64e591b Cleanup 2 months ago
  Arimodu 1ceae129a2 Fix config 64 max limit 2 months ago
  Meivyn be3a02d53f
Fix nullable value being serialized as non-nullable 2 months ago
  Meivyn 0550637d79
Rework bootstrapper a bit 2 months ago
  Meivyn 7dc39c0d23
Fix game assembly backup process 2 months ago
  Meivyn 54b0dd360b
Prevent file corruption 2 months ago
  DaNike 21873bee3c
Bump version 6 months ago
  DaNike b64c621f82
Update some packages and Unity reference files 6 months ago
  DaNike 634d8fe2d1
Remove HarmonyProtector and largely useless virtualizer 6 months ago
  DaNike dd00c7442b
Formatting 6 months ago
  nike4613 1cdbee7fcd
Merge pull request #96 from Meivyn/virtualize-editor 6 months ago
  nike4613 3f25a0c7f7
Merge pull request #97 from Meivyn/console-tweaks 6 months ago
  Meivyn 4e48fe197e
Allow console attachment to a specific PID 6 months ago
  Meivyn 6968ca9783
Fix some issues with console initialization 6 months ago
  Meivyn 2cf257571c
Cleanup of console code 6 months ago
  nike4613 1909332332
Merge branch 'master' into virtualize-editor 6 months ago
  Meivyn 2f3430b8eb
Add beatmap editor to the list of default game assemblies 6 months ago
  nike4613 1b35392cfc
Merge pull request #93 from ErisApps/feature/Add_ReflectionUtil_helper_method 6 months ago
  Eris 43b0f0bb22 Add helper method for converting a property name to the compiler-generated backing field name 6 months ago
  nike4613 6b21a5a480
Merge pull request #92 from ToniMacaroni/master 6 months ago
  Julian Kittel 9990868676 Check if mono debugger is already initialized 6 months ago
  nike4613 88424482b8
Merge pull request #89 from Meivyn/output-docs 11 months ago
  Meivyn ac34eaf2c3
Output documentation before building 1 year ago
  nike4613 757388ebd9
Merge pull request #86 from Atemu/linux-docs 1 year ago
  Atemu c27fa6ba36
Improve Linux installation docs 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno 583fc19e1c
Implement UnityGame.SwitchToMainThreadAsync 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno d9982f98e6
Fix colored console printer to correctly handle multiline darkened messages 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno f2be935bfa
Add editorconfig 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7d385709db
Implement #40, finally 1 year ago