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  Anairkoen Schno 7d385709db
Implement #40, finally 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno c0ba05474f
Fix #70 #71 #78 and related issues 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno d4adb8cdb6
Fix #79 #81 using Zinga's suggestion 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno 77904196e3
Fix nullability warnings for new Newtonsoft version 1 year ago
  nike4613 3fa908a557
Merge pull request #85 from kinsi55/master 1 year ago
  Kinsi 84b479c76b
space 1 year ago
  Kinsi b5016453f4
Update StandardLogger.cs 1 year ago
  nike4613 0ba9d3c46d
Merge pull request #84 from nike4613/dependabot/nuget/IPA.Loader/Newtonsoft.Json-13.0.1 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno c326c0dc0f
Fix link in README 1 year ago
  Kinsi 9d528245e2
Added --no-logs launch argument 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 84bc7edbad
Bump Newtonsoft.Json from 12.0.3 to 13.0.1 in /IPA.Loader 1 year ago
  Anairkoen Schno c4dc707b60
Bump version 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno eee567bb83
Bundle netstandard.dll with BSIPA and force-load our Newtonsoft early 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 3adbdc18e8
Bump version 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 5a3ea4097e
Merge pull request #75 from ErisApps/feature/HarmonyX_upgrade 2 years ago
  Eris 5bda9e3669 Move DisallowLegacyGlobalUnpatchAll to StdoutInterceptor 2 years ago
  Eris 8145d5342d Disallow legacy global UnpatchAll 2 years ago
  Eris 903a2ac53f Bump HarmonyX from 2.6.1 to 2.7.0 2 years ago
  Eris 4b23d768f6 Bump MonoMod.RuntimeDetour from to 2 years ago
  Eris d7dd5d1de7
Fixed incorrect parameter names being used (#74) 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 0eaa9e8ef3
Adjust log level mappings for Harmony logs 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 332823b46a
Add Harmony logging interceptor 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7b0c7f2f96
Fix GeneratedConfig.WriteSyncObject 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 54a2769367
Update PluginInitInjector documentation to list IAntiMalware 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 31cbf4a3ea
Fix serializing nullable value types 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno fc9759ff36
Config generation now uses Nullable annotations 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno c3a3712e75
Make GameVersion field optional 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 44fd32b6fb
Update description to remove legacy information 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 9691c02fa0
Minor tweaks to fix StateTransitionTransaction behaviour 2 years ago
  Meivyn 8c50f898b6
Append native libs to PATH instead of adding new search directories 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno f6e80c44fe
Upgrade build workflow 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 4592ddcfce
Update Hive.Versioning to use public package build 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 83e491dbad
Fix feature parsing 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno cba705d31a
typo 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno f50fe7cbbb
Merge pull request #72 from ErisApps/bugfix/Fixed_typos 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno b3994aeb2d
Add NoEnableDisableAttribute to indicate that a plugin does not need an OnEnable and OnDisable method 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno c3515aabf4
Features can now have multiple definitions of each by way of an array of objects 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 091a09d816
Bump version number 2 years ago
  Eris 1a496b732b Fixed some typos in PluginLoader 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno f2df61aec1
Fix documentation builds to actually behave 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7b6a755dcc
Bump version to release 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno a5c613e66b
Bump version 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno f66e300e9b
Update HarmonyX, MonoMod, and Cecil 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7af2e903aa
Bump version 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 5abcc6d118
Upgrade Hive.Versioning 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 247c82b281
Remove old loader code 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 6d00fcd2b9
Add the ability for init injectors to themselves request injected parameters 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno bbc7bef2ff
Bump version 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 1a9a341c17
Substitute Harmony with HarmonyX/MonoMod.RuntimeDetour 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 5a79cf29f9
Add star range documentation for Hive.Versioning 2 years ago