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  Anairkoen Schno 1949498bd8
Finish primary load order calculation processing 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno cf0119038c
Implement dependency resolution part of new loader part 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno d6c16e00df
Add System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis to common targets 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 803183c6bc
Applied nullability to PluginMetadata 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 83c6897f1a
Removed old load sequence calculation and cleaned up warnings 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 05c0353eba
Cleaned up some warnings in IPA.exe 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7f3e7a1a94
Bump version 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno c812dd67bf
Changed default options to not emit log files for every plugin seperately 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 4c5dc1a145
Added nullable reference types to SelfConfig 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7818ff8a19
Enabled nullability for StandardLogger.cs 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno a92eabee0a
Disabled BeatMods updater 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno de51cee954
Enabled nullability checks in IPA.exe 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno b02d457747
Enabled nullable reference types for IPA.exe 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 803e759453
Pulled out common properties for the projects into common project 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno c8457908b4
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:bsmg/BeatSaber-IPA-Reloaded 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 9eee7a460d
Fix Github workflows 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno b1e34ed943
If Beat Saber was launched from a process with a console, --verbose attaches to that console 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 46a51fd9c7
Merge pull request #64 from Zingabopp/actions-fix 3 years ago
  Zingabopp deb30b0285 Updated docs and tag_docs actions 3 years ago
  Zingabopp a13509126c
Update build.yml 3 years ago
  Zingabopp b2039b1482
Clear nuget locals before build 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno d9bc7691ba
Bump version 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 58dd830375
Merge pull request #63 from Zingabopp/virtualizer-fix2 3 years ago
  Zingabopp af4c5cf0ba
Update Virtualizer.cs 3 years ago
  Zingabopp c6b9f05bbb Virtualizes methods that were already virtual but also final 3 years ago
  Zingabopp 8ad818e1fd Removed modreq for `out` parameters 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 1780955865
Make nested private types public 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno d8c06574fa
Bump version 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 24643eb9b0
Make virtualizer correctly generate modreqs for in and out parameters on newly virtual methods 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 078ff43f92
A potential error in System.Guid.NewGuid is now caught instead of bubbling up to the error handler 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 2a9a26967e
Fixed IPA restore failure 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 0759f007a1
Fixed Loader's dependency on Net3-Proxy 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 49e026d927
Bumped version 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno af21e485e0
Change transactions now properly only finish when all transactions exit, not just the first 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno c5b15e867c
Config system now skips any properties with index parameters 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7c1d811158
Old IPA plugins now no longer have an empty section if there are none 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 6b2dc6990a
Plugin state transitions now no longer leave SingleStartInit plugins in a state where they are neither or both enabled and disabled 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 51281860ee
Tweaked some things with doc generation 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno f0a33cc85e
Removed the RIDs again 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 1ba8148ca5
Added RIDs to installer so that they hopefully build successfully 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno bca4b0528d
More adjustments to Actions 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 2246801a40
More adjustments to Actions 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 76f24a763a
Fix docs generation action 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 1449e46c6a
Slight improvement to error reporting 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 0600d12ddb
Installer now uses cross-platform way to check whether a console is available 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 28b030885a
Installer application is now using SDK-style projects 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno dc3488f389
Updated Actions to properly build 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 88a171f059
Merge pull request #59 from Auros/triangle 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 017987014c
Merge pull request #58 from Zingabopp/config-fix 3 years ago
  Auros Nexus e12f1acacf Update PluginManager.cs 3 years ago