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  Anairkoen Schno eee567bb83
Bundle netstandard.dll with BSIPA and force-load our Newtonsoft early 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 4592ddcfce
Update Hive.Versioning to use public package build 2 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 5abcc6d118
Upgrade Hive.Versioning 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 5a79cf29f9
Add star range documentation for Hive.Versioning 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 8b17eca4f3
Update Hive.Versioning to include star ranges 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 86f1db65b0
Switch over to Hive.Versioning (part 2) 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 42477bdd60
Add Hive.Versioning as a library (part 1) 3 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7f2c5c93c3 Re-refactor for better MSBuild behavior 5 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 7838a5bea9 Added some basic stuff for .NET 3 builds 5 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 050cc13a7a Updated to using Microsoft.CSharp from Unity instead of Mono 5 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 1cdedfcc71 Started rewrite of loader 5 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 87a68a35e8 Updated Mono's libraries 5 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 8bb53feea5 Worked further towards the goal of a debuggable Beat Saber 5 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno a2907890a8 Added libraries; updater works with dependencies 5 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno bfd54719c1 Added Harmony as a provided library 6 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno a4a3cf14bd Migrated to (and added) Newtonsoft.Json 6 years ago
  Anairkoen Schno 02ecb00017 Added Mono's I18N.dll and I18N.West.dll for codepage 437 6 years ago
  artman41 6f1a8893fa - Added colour logging to the logger 6 years ago
  Michael Guedko 37d207f5b7 Add files via upload 6 years ago