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Meivyn 80222a6da1
Bump version
1 month ago
.github Upgrade build workflow 2 years ago
.vscode Add VSCode debugger launch profile 3 years ago
BSIPA-Meta Upgrade to Framework 4.7.2 for less pain 3 years ago
BuildTools@b04769a3ae Fix dependency checks to actually check version 3 years ago
Doorstop Fix path encoding issue in proxy 5 months ago
IPA Bump version 1 month ago
IPA.Injector Improve documentation target 4 months ago
IPA.Loader Bump version 1 month ago
IPA.Tests Finished migration to new locations 5 years ago
Libs Bundle netstandard.dll with BSIPA and force-load our Newtonsoft early 2 years ago
Net3-Proxy Clean up warnings in PluginLoader 3 years ago
Refs Update some packages and Unity reference files 1 year ago
SemVer Update Hive.Versioning to use public package build 2 years ago
docs Merge pull request #97 from Meivyn/console-tweaks 1 year ago
.editorconfig Add editorconfig 2 years ago
.gitignore Added a little note for my pirate friends 4 years ago
.gitmodules Removed Doorstop from submodules 4 years ago
BSIPA.sln Add editorconfig 2 years ago
BSIPA.sln.DotSettings Finished Features implimentation 5 years ago
Common.props Bump one last package 8 months ago
Common.targets Config generation now uses Nullable annotations 2 years ago
LICENSE Updated license to include exclusion of Refs dir 4 years ago Fix link in README 2 years ago
System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis.cs Add System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis to common targets 3 years ago